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Thank you for considering NWPR’s Center for Memory and Learning as a place to meet the needs of your patients and clients.

The clinicians at CFMAL strive to provide comprehensive and expert neuropsychological evaluation, consultative, and therapeutic services in an atmosphere of warmth and professionalism by providers with the highest qualifications.

The following clinical, educational, and forensic product lines are currently available through CFMAL:

Clinical Services

  • Diagnostic neuropsychological evaluation and differential diagnosis relating to early dementia, strokes, MS, cerebral neoplasms, and other neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Clinical assessment of somatization syndromes and possible malingering.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing for ADHD, co-morbidities, learning disorders, autism, and developmental disabilities in children and adults.
  • Individual and family psychotherapy for a broad range of neuropsychiatric, behavioral, and emotional problems.
  • Bariatric pre-surgical and interventional pain psychological examinations.
  • Evaluating nature of severity of emotional problems to assess indication for medication.
  • Empirical tracking of cognitive and emotional status over time to assist in medication management and treatment decisions.

Educational Services

  • Comprehensive assessment of behavior, IQ, memory, and achievement to assist in educational diagnosis and accommodation planning at the primary, secondary, and collegiate level.
  • Risk assessment examinations for potentially violent youth

Forensic and Employment Services

  • Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation regarding competency and guardianship proceedings.
  • Independent neuropsychological and psychological examinations (IME) regarding cognitive, behavioral, and emotional injury.
  • Scientific literature review of neuropsychological and mental health-related issues.
  • Expert testimony
  • Assessment of potential malingering and factitious disorders
  • Psychological, cognitive, and parental risk examinations for parents engaged in services with Children’s Protective Services.
  • Evaluation of foster-placed youth for educational and treatment needs planning.
  • Disability determination examinations for DSHS, Social Security, and worker’s compensation claimants, including psychodiagnostic evaluations, intelligence, memory, and social/emotional functioning.
  • Return to work assessments for employees struggling with cognitive and behavioral problems interfering with productivity.

Products Currently Under Development

We are working on several projects to meet the needs of our community.  These include:

  • Cognitive rehabilitation services, including computer-assisted therapies to enhance memory and mental functioning.
  • Time-limited educational groups for specific issues, such improving memory skills, attention span, and life coping skills of cognitively-impaired individuals.
  • Head injury support groups for patients and families.
  • Public safety pre-employment screening and return-to-work assessments for local law enforcement and firefighting agencies.

Documents to Download

CFMAL clinicians may have documents specific to their practice interests and services, including fee schedules, curriculum vitas, forensic services agreements, etc.  Please refer to the CFMAL Biographies page for more information.